The Fifth Annual Garden Cruise

Should you be so inclined, you can get up tomorrow, and go.  Our fifth annual garden cruise-a tour we sponsor to benefit the Greening of Detroit, starts at 9, and ends at 4:30.

We put on a reception afterwards-a light supper, summer style beverages as in gin and tonics, and French white wine, and the lively company of other garden afficianados.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the tickets goes to the Greening.  That money helps fund their educational and summer employment programs.  They have an idea about a better city, and we support that idea.  100%.

All of the 7 landscapes on tour are very different-each the product of a person with a passion for the garden.  Each is chock full of interesting moves, and delightful decisions.

It is one of my most favorite days of the garden season.  It is the only summer day I am home all day.  I like seeing and talking with the people who tour. I like hearing what they have to say about my garden, and I am happy to share anything I know about the plants, or the design.

Afterwards I will join lots of other people at the shop-the seventh garden on our tour-to talk about what everyone has seen.  The nicotiana garden in the front is unbelievably beautiful-and fragrant.

Each gardener puts their best foot forward-and their best effort into creating a garden experience.  Should you decide to go, I feel confident you will be glad you did. 

We will be at the shop at 8 tomorrow morning, for those who want to get up and go.  A cruise ticket is 35.00.  A ticket with the reception-50.00.  We can take your payment info by phone, and email you the ticket.  Or you can stop by.

Hope to see you.








  1. Wow- it looks fabulous!


  2. All the gardens were magnificent. It was a wonderful Cruise and I thank you very, very much.

  3. Silvia Weber says

    Dear Deborah,
    This 5th Garden Cruise- the best yet!
    Your garden(s), our last stop, extraordinary! We saved the best for last!!!l Loved your container gardens (pots) with the elegant, dramatic colors and combinations. Sheer genius! No one does it better than you!
    Your work in Grosse Pointe was spectacular – we enjoyed every detail – more sheer genius!
    The koi pond in Birmingham we loved- “very interesting gestures” is a modest statement about this tiny jewel.
    Today was a perfect gardening experience
    complete with a visit to Detroit Garden Works for a lovely and divine party.
    Your talent and passion – giants!
    Our time spent amongst your gardens and with you – life altering!! Thank you!
    We love you! Silvia and Gerry, Cleveland, Ohio.

  4. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this DS…what a great day ! The party was a blast. Rob’s cocktail was a winner. Glad I wasn’t driving.

  5. Julia Hofley says

    Your Garden Cruise was the talk of the town today Deborah~
    We were wowed by one garden after another.
    Ideas galore on how to lay out garden space with style coupled with extravagant plantings.
    Your cool color schemes made this south-of-the-border heat an enjoyable experience.
    This is an annual event not to be missed for gardeners looking for inspiration while giving to a terrific cause.
    Thank you to you & Rob, your staff and your generous clients for a wonderful summer garden cruise. ~Julia & Eric

  6. Emily Rottinghaus says

    Dear Deborah,

    Touring the 5th Annual Garden Walk was to be in the presence of luminous talent and work. I felt quite overwhelmed and deeply touched by the otherworldly elements of it all! I have traveled throughout Europe (including smaller Eastern European countries and Russia), Australia, Uganda (in Central Africa), and India. In short, I was prepared to be jaded. Thank you for redefining for me my sense of what is possible. You led my imagination to wonder-filled places. I asked myself many ‘how can it be’ compounded with ‘and to be found in my backyard of Metro Detroit’?

    I plan to come back next year, and hopefully string together more articulate phrases of “Thanks”!

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Emily, this is such a nice letter. I am touched, really. I have never been to any of those places, except via books. Thank you, Deborah

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