At A Glance: The Details

The pictures of the details of the construction of these massive pergolas is not just for our records.  We will send a complete set of pictures to the contractor who will be charged with assembling the structures once they get to Florida.  Though I have described this Branch project yesterday with few pictures and few words, the actual length of time and the attention to detail has been serious and long.  At the risk of boring you beyond all belief, these pictures help to better tell the whole story.
welding-the-lattice.jpgwelded lattice



barn-raising.jpgraising the barn

assembly.jpgpanels in place

assembly.jpgNote the 2 by 4’s between the vertical panels.  Great care was taken to square up the four posts before the roof would be dropped on.

Big enough to house a forklift


finishing the roof

the-roof.jpgfinishing the roof

steel-cradle-for-delivery.jpgOnce both pergolas were finished, cradle structures needed to be built for the roof structures.  They are too wide to lay flat.  The maximum width of a flatbed truck is 8.5 feet.  We are over the legal transport dimension limit.  Not a problem.  Terry, Michael, Sal, Dave, Enrique, Owen, Scott, Steve, Geri, Dan, Max, and Buck worked together to bring a big idea for the landscape to life.  Start to finish.  Am I happy with the result?  Truly?  Yes.


  1. glad you like it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to bore us to death with all these details ! What show stoppers, those pergolas. I am sending good karma that they are well photographed in situ so that you can post them at some moment in the future. Perhaps in the middle of March when we could all use a few shots of monumental (and monumentally beautiful!) garden ornament somewhere in Florida. Finger crossed. Many congrats to the team of artists….really superb work.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Michael, our client is a designer, so perhaps he will publish pictures someday. I would love to see them in the garden too. The whole group has gotten rather attached to them, they have been working on them for 8 weeks. Thanks, Deborah

  4. Yvonne Horton says

    I am so envious. You have such talent. The homeowner is blessed to own this pergola
    Thanks for allowing us to share the beauty

  5. Wow! That’s quite a structure, looks amazing. Just looking at every weld needed for the lattice makes me tired….

  6. Ros Turner says

    Extraordinary attention to detail and forward planning. What lucky clients!

    Congratulations on completing such a beautiful legacy.

  7. Kay Mangan says

    The art of trelliswork , long an essential of grand gardens and the carpenter’s art is alive and well
    at Branch ! Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations to them.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Thanks for your letter Kay. It is a very old tradition-this kind of ornament in the garden, and garden ornament built to last for generations. I am happy to be one small part of this. Deborah

  8. Curious to know Deborah if the metal was treated, or, just raw.
    What about rust?

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Peter, our steel is finished in a way that makes it virtually rust proof and maintenance free. The look of this finishing is a lot like that classic garden ornament material-lead. Thanks, Deborah

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