At A Glance: Recent Winter Containers

SC winter 2014  2A lot of work has been done this past week.  Seeing this group of pictures, I am pleased that each one has a presence all its own. In showing the draft of this post to Rob, he asked me to click on the first picture, which opens that picture in a larger format, with the added option of viewing the pictures as a slide show. I had no idea-did you?

recent work (22)



ML winter 2014  9

PO winter 2014  4

recent work (1)

recent work (9)

recent work (21)

JB winter 2014  9

recent work (16)

ML 2014 winter 2

recent work (2)

lighted winter potsrecent work (17)

recent work (12)

recent work (8)


LTP winter 2014  3

JRH winter 2014  2

JD winter 2014  4

JD winter 2014  2

EG winter 2014  2



  1. I love seeing your creations. They are inspiring, beautiful and unique. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Paula Stemen says

    Your containers are the best designs I’ve ever seen! You should write a book! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. All gorgeous full planters. They are truly statement pieces. I am curious about the picture, 7th up from the bottom/circle in driveway. What is the white stuff? I tried enlarging it but I still can’t make it out.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Joanne, you are looking at a fountain that is 5′ in diameter. What you see in the greens is a tropical seed pot, painted silver. best, Deborah

      • What a good idea to turn your fountain into a winter container. It certainly adds winter interest to the expanse of stone. You are a very talented designer.

        • Deborah Silver says

          Dear Joanne, The fountain has a center 2 tiered jet-which is in the shop for repair. This is a much better look than a drained fountain. Thanks for your letter, Deborah

  4. I love that low one with the bobbles on sticks. So different.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Lisa, that is a design of Rob’s, which he did for a client with very contemporary taste. best, Deborah

  5. I normally do not like comments on any website; however, I feel compelled to do so for yours. Your winter planters are wonderful. I look forward to each and every new postings in your blog. Your clients are lucky to have the talents and creativity of you and your crew. I look forward to seeing more wonderful blogs.

  6. As usual, your outdoor arrangements are just spectacular, Deborah. I love the way you match the style and colors to the house/background. What a wonderful way to brighten up the view in winter!

  7. Lovely work; very classy, attention to detail fabulous. Very inspiring.

  8. What is the vine in the picture with the magnolia leaves? Also, where do you get your eucalyptus? Thank you.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Donna, the vine in the picture is the irrigation hose that goes in the pot in the summer. I took the picture before we rolled it up, and put it to the side. No vine! I am lucky to have Detroit Garden Works as a supplier for all my materials. The eucalyptus is great quality. We charge 14.75 a bunch for it. best, Deborah

  9. I keep thinking with each of your winter pot photos that it just can’t get any better.
    You and your team continue to come up with the most amazing ideas!
    So inspiring.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Thanks, Terry. You have been commenting on my blog for a number of years-I always enjoy hearing from you. Best, Deborah

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous…or am I repeating myself? Nope, I need to add two more so they achieve the highest rating of 5 star gorgeous.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Michaele- ha! You know how to make a girl feel really good.My crews worked 6 days this week-we are all going to sleep good tonight. We fabricated and lit up a project in the garage on Friday-they were all taking pictures with their cell phones.They take such great pride and pleasure in what they do. And it shows. Thanks, Deborah

  11. Absolutely lovely and so festive! I get so many great ideas from you Deborah. You’re blog is so inspiring and the pictures are so vivid, that for an amateur like me to try some of these ideas really makes me feel like I have accomplished a great task. So happy for myself…Thank you! Merry Christmas! 🙂


  12. Deborah, sorry the image I thought was vine was image 19. Looks like lights on a vine?

  13. I agree with every one of these compliments. Absolutely stunning. I also love how you very frequently praise your staff and their love of what they do to bring beauty to all of these homes and businesses. You’re right – it shows!

  14. I agree with above comments – what a pleasure to see so many elegant beautiful creations which are specific to and look so well with each style of home and porch. Really a special post Deborah. A pleasure, thank you for sharing.

  15. Inspirational! I have begun to expand my practice to include seasonal containers, and your posts have definitely been an inspiration.

  16. Deborah,
    What are the tallest branches in the container in photo #9 (the house number behind is 412)? They appear to have really large buds. I have not seen you use these before.

  17. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with for the holidays, Your clients are lucky to have you! What a beautiful way to end the season.

  18. Bright Orange says

    Love what you did with the auger. As we all agree, you’re so creative.

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