At A Glance: A Certain Dahlia

Michael and Mattias came Saturday for the presentation of their landscape master plan.  There was very intense conversation for two hours.  But they thanked me in advance; the meeting was preceded with a half dozen white eggplant, and a half dozen red peppers from their garden.  Ant the most amazing dahlia bloom is has ever been my pleasure to meet.  The color, the structure, the size, the luminosity-well, see for yourself.


  1. We should call her “Sybil”….so many personalities. Except for her floating incarnation…we will call her “Ophelia.”

    Thanks for all the pics…what a treat. But certainly not as great a treat as the two hours spent together…we are already looking at our landscape very differently…you have sparked a healthy debate…one of your specialties, I know. The drawing is firmly place on the center of the table.

    Will respond to your e-mail soonest — what a quote! Don’t worry, I love fear.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Michael, that dahlia flower was sensational beyond all belief. So many personalities-no kidding. Thanks so much to the both of you for bringing her to me. I have to sign off now-Buck has cooked the white eggplant and red peppers you brought-dinner is about to be served. Many thanks; thinking of you, Deborah

  2. So, Michael and Deborah, does this exquisite bloom have an official name? It IS perfection.

  3. Ann…I am sorry to say that I do not even know the name of this variety. It is a pink dinner plate dahlia which I buy every year in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Downtown Home and Garden. I will ask who they source them from or what it’s name is. Every spring I just go to the bushel basket and sink my hand into the saw dust in the one marked “pink.” I have yet to be disappointed.

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