A Landscape For A Gardener: Part 4: The Finish

August 29 2014 (52)

August 29 2014 (53)

the finish (4)

the finish (5)

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The Finish 2 (5)

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The Finish 2 (1)

August 29 2014 (47)

August 29 2014 (48)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    xoxo laurie

  2. Amazing start to finish! Bravo!!

  3. Proportion and Balance, Perfect!
    Thanks for sharing and Congratulations!

  4. Classically beautiful…

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Spectacular!

  7. Deborah, the landscaping around this house is absolutely breathtaking! It’s been fascinating to read your posts regarding how you approached the project and why you did things the way you did. I am learning so much!

    That strip along the driveway with the sedum is fabulous. The narrow garden and walkway are stunning. And I love the espaliered Katsura trees to create the wall of green. I am not familiar with Katsura trees so I googled it and read that they are deciduous. I’m curious as to whether it is possible to espalier evergreen trees.

    You have a great eye for design and I appreciate your sharing your process — and the results!

  8. There’s a small bump-out of grass into the sidewalk (8th and 9th photos). Is there a purpose or is it decorative? The entire landscape is just beautiful.

    • Deborah Silver says

      Dear Ann, in an earlier post, I mentioned an old silver maple that finally had to be taken down, as it was dying from girdling roots. The original sidewalk bumped out around the trunk of that tree. My client wanted the new walk in the same configuration-in memory. best, Deborah

  9. So, so charming!
    Loved this serial post. The end result was well worth the wait.

  10. Félicitations !

  11. Stunning!!!

  12. Well, it’s a little better than average I guess! Seen better. Seen worse.

    Just trying to keep you in check Deborah! It’s obviously awesome as usual. You are so good at using the vertical plane of the overall landscape, as well as the flat horizontal portion most are familiar with. That vertical portion is always a little more difficult to deal with, especially without access to large balled and burlaped plant material. Was that Giant Thuja Wall existing or did you plant it?

    Hope you enjoy the Fall Season!
    Be Well!

  13. Wonderful job. You and the client must both be so happy.

  14. Suits the house perfectly.

  15. Love the blue-stone circle. Is the flagstone set in mortar? This garden is so lovely!

  16. it is a marvel to see a professionals work that is also so sensitive to the architecture of the home to create such a stunning marriage

  17. Ruth Wolery says

    This landscape is a learning experience as always when I see such wonderful well planned and manicured visual lawns and gardens. I believe yours are show style.
    Ruth W.

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