At A Glance: Repeat After Me

container planting design

container planting with repeating elements

repetition in the landscape

planting in rows

limelight hydrangeas

Limelight hydrangeas and boltonia

boxwood in pots

repeating container planting

hellebores as groundcover

mass of picea mucrunulatum and hellebores

variegated hosta Krossa Regal

variegated Krossa Regal hosta

massing yews

drivecourt enclosed by yews

boxwood hedges

drive edged in yews and boxwood

massing boxwood

boxwood planted repeatedly

verbena bonariensis

panicum virgatum and verbena bonariensis

columnar Bradford pears


baltic ivy
brick, boxwood, baltic ivy-and chanticleer pears


  1. Such a simple lesson, but so necessary.

  2. reading Dirt Simple…

  3. That first planter is so gorgeous! What plants are in it?

    • Deborah Silver says:

      glad you like it! Variegated sage, lavender, “citron” alyssum, and a blue foliaged sedum (whose name I cannot remember-sorry)

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