Gardner 020


  1. I love your collection of photos. I realize you didn’t plant the pool area, but the pots, but I’ve been thinking of adding grass around the pool like this. I wonder what happens to the beautiful chaises when the sprinklers go on? Any thoughts on preventing damage to furniture with that setup?

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear MZ, I have no idea how the sprinklers work, as I have never been there when they were running. But I would guess a lot of thought went into the maintenance of both the grass, and the furniture.; each chaise sits on its own gravel terrace, which optimizes the shedding of water. Wood furniture can be kept in good condition outdoors, outdoor cushions can be made with an exterior grade foam that allows water to pass through quickly and dry-it is a matter of how much maintenance you are willing to commit to.

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