At A Glance: Volunteers

sept5a 045

Nov 22 034

Nov 22 015

Nov 22 036

Nov 22 018

Nov 22 008

sept5a 043

Nov 22 012

Nov 22 030


  1. Susie Golden says:

    Hi there…looking at your blog and all the pictures….you still are the most creative person I know!!!! A real rock star!!!!! No if’s and’s or but’s!!!! Love it all!! Can’t wait for the Spring!!! With love, ~Susie

  2. My dad used the term “volunteers” often when refering to those in the garden. Thanks for bringing back good memories..

  3. Except for the weeds, the little volunteers are like small, gaily wrapped packages.~~Dee

  4. Volunteers are one of my favorites inthe garden. Yours are so lovely!!

  5. I love a well-placed and well-timed volunteer. Even ill-placed and poorly timed volunteers are welcome. I figure I don’t have any money or emotional investment in the plant so I can marvel at its tenacity.

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