At A Glance: Cold And Rainy











the-ballplayer.jpgrained out.


  1. Hello, lovely and inspiring ideas as always! I have a question on espilairs, and plant which has always intrigued me- how quickly do they fill in? I know you are in MI, A different climate, but generally, is there a range of time that they fill in in front of a fence say, or block out something? Hope my question makes sense, thanks for a great blog and I always love your garden honesty.

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear Mary, I can’t really answer your questions. How much a plant will grow entails lots of different factors. Thanks for reading. Deborah

  2. Pewter and red-orange tones…brilliant!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Your pictures always give me so much inspiration! I think I’ll be borrowing a few of these ideas for my own yard.

  5. your pictures speak a thousand words,
    your words speak a thousand pictures,
    you are a pleasure

  6. Regenia Thomas says:

    Is that curly parsley in large basket?

  7. Elvera Howard says:

    You certainly know how to bring sunshine on a cloudy day!
    Love the parsley and pansy combination as well as the alyssum and rosemary, simply beautiful combo’s!

  8. Love the urn with the collar of white flowers and the greens exploding to the heavens. What are the plants?

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