At A Glance: A Certain Dahlia

Michael and Mattias came Saturday for the presentation of their landscape master plan.  There was very intense conversation for two hours.  But they thanked me in advance; the meeting was preceded with a half dozen white eggplant, and a half dozen red peppers from their garden.  Ant the most amazing dahlia bloom is has ever been my pleasure to meet.  The color, the structure, the size, the luminosity-well, see for yourself.


  1. Ann…I am sorry to say that I do not even know the name of this variety. It is a pink dinner plate dahlia which I buy every year in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Downtown Home and Garden. I will ask who they source them from or what it’s name is. Every spring I just go to the bushel basket and sink my hand into the saw dust in the one marked “pink.” I have yet to be disappointed.

  2. So, Michael and Deborah, does this exquisite bloom have an official name? It IS perfection.

  3. We should call her “Sybil”….so many personalities. Except for her floating incarnation…we will call her “Ophelia.”

    Thanks for all the pics…what a treat. But certainly not as great a treat as the two hours spent together…we are already looking at our landscape very differently…you have sparked a healthy debate…one of your specialties, I know. The drawing is firmly place on the center of the table.

    Will respond to your e-mail soonest — what a quote! Don’t worry, I love fear.

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear Michael, that dahlia flower was sensational beyond all belief. So many personalities-no kidding. Thanks so much to the both of you for bringing her to me. I have to sign off now-Buck has cooked the white eggplant and red peppers you brought-dinner is about to be served. Many thanks; thinking of you, Deborah

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