At A Glance 2: Captain Snowrageous

why can’t I be like this?


  1. Because you are not covered in fur that has evolved to resist the gales of Wales’ rugged terrain?

    C’mon. Corgis were built for wind and sleet. They love winter.

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Dear Jenn, Howard wants nothing to do with the snow and sleet! He will only go out if Milo makes a path for him. Since Milo is built like a billiard table, he does a great job plowing on his first pass. You are right-that fur is incredible insulation. He never feels cold to the touch. In the summer, Howard will stretch out on the driveway when it is 80-Milo is inside, in the air conditioned office. Deborah

  2. I have showed these photos of Milo’s winter fearlessness to everyone walking into the office today. And look at those pantaloons, second to last photo — at least that’s what we call them.

    • Deborah Silver says:

      Is he not something?! Yes, those are his pantaloons-it took hours for all of those snowballs to melt.

  3. That is my kind of dog!!!

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