How We Charge

We charge 250.00 for an initial consultation on the landscape. This includes an on site meeting, a discussion of the landscape issues of interest, and extensive digital pictures. We can quote consult & travel fees to clients a great distance away, or out of state.

An initial consult is an opportunity to quote the cost of a drawn to scale conceptual landscape plan. Conceptual drawings are billed at 150.00 per hour. These drawings are meant to be quick but accurate. Drawn to scale, they detail spaces, shapes, traffic flow, plant suggestions-an overall idea. For many clients, this conceptual plan is enough. If you plan to do your own work, or intend to hire another contractor, more work may be required to fully complete a landscape drawing.nA schematic drawing requiring more detail, or construction grade drawings, are billed at the same rate, 150.00 per hour. We are happy to quote the installation of your design.

Not sure you want to sign up for a consult? We have alternatives. The portfolio section of this website has lots of pictures of our work.

The landscape and garden design blog written by Deborah Silver since 2009, Dirt Simple, is a mostly daily journal of her thoughts about landscape design, and project details.

Perhaps you have printed panoramic pictures of the area in question, and feel a brief and informal conversation is all you need to get your project off the ground. Perhaps a short meet is all you need. We are happy to book brief appointments at no charge. Call for details.